Installation, Contemporary photography, Instant film, animation


Wood, leaf, log, and memory. These are the objects that I have found in the ALN (Arts Letters and Numbers) residence. Back of the Millhouse, I roam around the place,

feel the fall that just passed away and the spring just begins.
Trying to think the last spring, what I did. What I feel and where I was. Until I realize,

if I can feel this, what’s about the wood?

It’s about the sense of season that come and past away every year like the precious time. And the nature around us also can feel it as like the human.

About the time. About the place.

Like “here and now” never existed.


Instant film 2019

“In my early work I pretended to speak about my childhood, yet my real childhood had disappeared. I have lied about it so often that I no longer have a real memory of this time, and my childhood has become for me some kind of universal childhood, not a real one.” By Christian Boltanski, In conversation

with Tamar Garb, 1996

As Boltanski said ‘the real childhood has done’. This work is about my reflection of my childhood memory that has been done but still makes me think about it when I see the yellow ball that lay around the tree and the unwanted flora. I grab it out and play like I’m a child. And I think about Boltanski statement that it becomes some kind of universal childhood of me but not a real one.

Like a ball that comes from somewhere.
Like a lollipop that sweet but has gone so fast.

Like a precious childhood memory.