Memory. To consider and to identify the character of someone, something, or someplace who is the beloved. Where is the place? What is she, he or it looks like? We cannot recognize the person if we don't know the face, appearance, voice, race, and personality which is similar that when people try to remember someplace or someone who's beloved but can not remembers like the time try to wipe away the memory and we can't control it.


   So, Something, we want to see but can't.

Something, we want to have but haven't.

Something, we want to remember but don't.


   In the darkened path, there always are some light even though it's just barely small dim beam but it still invites us to reach there.

As there is something but isn't.

As the star in the night dims the light to us.

As million light years.

Almost too hard to see.

Almost too far away to reach.

Just like memory.

AT The Downtown Library, Spokane, WA, 2019
Showing as part of the Spokane Arts Saturate celebration.
AT Gallery 2, WSU, Pullman, WA, 2019
Showing as part of Transition // Transform